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Wootage! :D

2008-06-21 15:07:56 by Plathix

WOOT! I just got ROCKBAND for PS2, I'm so happy! :D

I chose to be the drummer in a three person band with me and my two brothers.
We call ourselves "The Songs of Tim" because of our neighbor's name being Tim. XD

I wanted to have the name "The Baby Cage Hands"... O-O
Creepy, I know... It came from me thinking of those gloves that go through an incubator.
I couldn't think of the name at the time, so I just said what came to my mind, which was "The Baby Cage Hand!"

I can't wait to play it some more! ^-^

See ya next time



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2008-06-22 12:28:31

wats a motion tween

(Updated ) Plathix responds:

OK, it's kind of hard to explain but I'll do my best...

Let's say you have a ball in the middle of the screen. You go ahead a few frames and make a key frame without moving the ball, then you move the ball all the way to the right.

You right-click the space in between the two key frames, and then click motion tween.

If you did it right, when you play it, the ball should move smoothly to the right...

You can also have various effects like: easing in, easing out, etc.

To learn more about this, goto the Flash Tutorials Section.



2008-06-23 16:37:21

kool i have it for x-box 360! it is fun i know

Plathix responds:

Ya it really is! :D